Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Scoop: DC Police Kills Bumblebee???

A District of Columbia police SUV was involved in an unplanned accident on the set of Transformers 3 Monday and the other vehicle involved in the accident was none other than… BUMBLEBEE!!

That’s right, the iconic yellow Camaro was turning a corner at an intersection when it smashed into the side of the SUV, which was reportedly driven by “a 25-year veteran senior explosive ordinance technician” who was responding to a “call for a suspicious package incident nearby” and had no idea he had ventured into a section cordoned off for the movie according to My Fox DC.

I think they need to raise the requirements to become a police officer, because some officers just do not have a brain. some of them are way out their. A Police gets in the way of Bumblebee doing his thing for the new Transforemer 3 movie that takes place in DC. How do you not know that you are on a movies set?lol. Please tell me. Here is a clip from you tube:

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