Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CHOTR: Did your ANC get all of its allotments for 2009? Check out the ANC Fiscal Year 2009 Financial Summary

Nikki Peele writes...

 It's maddening interesting to note that ANC 8C is the only ANC that did not receive any of their district allotments for fiscal year 2009.  This could be for missing financial reports or could be very likely because the ANC ignored the Auditors demand to resolve the issue surrounding the unauthorized payments for the empty office space on MLK Ave. In a nutshell The DC Auditor issued ANC 8C an ultimatum: provide the documentation that the past rent payments were approved by the commission in a public meeting or be prepared to have over $24,000 withheld from future district allotments.  My understanding is that the commission as a whole failed to respond so you do the math.

 It's also infuriating interesting to note that for yet another year the ONLY EXPENSE for ANC 8C is for another $8,100.00 in office rent.  An expense that the DC Auditor calls "an uneconomical waste".  To date residents and commissioners of ANC 8C have no idea who the landlord for the office is and requests to Chairperson Cuthbert for a copy of the lease have gone unanswered. The Advoc8te still can't understand how an ANC can pay $900 a month for the rent and no one including the commissioners know who the  landlord is.  It seems as if I am not alone.  Councilmember Alexander in a hearing earlier this year also expressed serious concerns that rent was being paid on the ANC 8C office without a lease and without knowing the identity of the landlord.

Source: http://www.congressheightsontherise.com/2010/10/did-your-anc-get-all-of-its-allotments.html

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