Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Educate Ward 8: Chancellor Michelle Rhee Resigns

D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee announced that she is stepping down during a news conference on Wednesday morning at the Mayflower Hotel.

The Scoop: DC Police Kills Bumblebee???

A District of Columbia police SUV was involved in an unplanned accident on the set of Transformers 3 Monday and the other vehicle involved in the accident was none other than… BUMBLEBEE!!

That’s right, the iconic yellow Camaro was turning a corner at an intersection when it smashed into the side of the SUV, which was reportedly driven by “a 25-year veteran senior explosive ordinance technician” who was responding to a “call for a suspicious package incident nearby” and had no idea he had ventured into a section cordoned off for the movie according to My Fox DC.

I think they need to raise the requirements to become a police officer, because some officers just do not have a brain. some of them are way out their. A Police gets in the way of Bumblebee doing his thing for the new Transforemer 3 movie that takes place in DC. How do you not know that you are on a movies set?lol. Please tell me. Here is a clip from you tube:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CHOTR: Did your ANC get all of its allotments for 2009? Check out the ANC Fiscal Year 2009 Financial Summary

Nikki Peele writes...

 It's maddening interesting to note that ANC 8C is the only ANC that did not receive any of their district allotments for fiscal year 2009.  This could be for missing financial reports or could be very likely because the ANC ignored the Auditors demand to resolve the issue surrounding the unauthorized payments for the empty office space on MLK Ave. In a nutshell The DC Auditor issued ANC 8C an ultimatum: provide the documentation that the past rent payments were approved by the commission in a public meeting or be prepared to have over $24,000 withheld from future district allotments.  My understanding is that the commission as a whole failed to respond so you do the math.

 It's also infuriating interesting to note that for yet another year the ONLY EXPENSE for ANC 8C is for another $8,100.00 in office rent.  An expense that the DC Auditor calls "an uneconomical waste".  To date residents and commissioners of ANC 8C have no idea who the landlord for the office is and requests to Chairperson Cuthbert for a copy of the lease have gone unanswered. The Advoc8te still can't understand how an ANC can pay $900 a month for the rent and no one including the commissioners know who the  landlord is.  It seems as if I am not alone.  Councilmember Alexander in a hearing earlier this year also expressed serious concerns that rent was being paid on the ANC 8C office without a lease and without knowing the identity of the landlord.


Monday, October 11, 2010

TBD: Larry Pretlow quits, unquits ANC race

Sarah Larimer writes:

Larry Pretlow says he “lost focus” when he temporarily quit his campaign for an advisory neighborhood commission seat in Ward 8 this weekend and has since resumed campaigning.
“I began to lose focus,” Pretlow says. “I began to focus more on the criticism.”

Late Saturday night, Pretlow fired off an e-mail stating that he planned to drop out of the race. In the e-mail, the 21-year-old Pretlow complained about “OLDER People” criticizing his campaign.

“I'll MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY AND DROP OUT THE RACE OFFICIALLY ON TUESDAY,” read the e-mail, which was also received by Jacque Patterson, of the Ward 8 Democrats, and ANC commissioners Sandra Seegars and Anthony Muhammad.

Pretlow on Monday morning said he had intended to drop out of the race when he sent the e-mail but changed his mind after speaking with neighbors and supporters.
“I did quit,” Pretlow said. “I quit and it was a matter of going to (the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics) and filling out the paperwork.”

Pretlow, a college student who attended his first ANC meeting last week, is running against incumbent Mary Cuthbert for the ANC 8C03 seat. He has staged an unusually intense campaign for the unpaid position, which has included t-shirts, campaign literature and a campaign song.
Cuthbert last week declined to comment on the race. She has yet not responded to an e-mail sent Monday morning.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Marion Barry v Larry T. Pretlow II: Ward 8 Council seat!

 2012 WARD 8 COUNCIL SEAT RACE has already gained attention!
Larry T. Pretlow II has placed his bid on the Ward 8 Council Seat.

Larry Pretlow II isn’t messing around. He might just be a candidate in a small advisory neighborhood commission race in the District’s Ward 8, but the 21-year-old political novice is attacking the campaign trail with the intensity of a council election.

Pretlow this November faces Mary Cuthbert, a longtime fixture in Ward 8 neighborhood politics. He says he has dropped about $600 to $700 on his campaign for the unpaid ANC 8C03 seat so far, and expects to spend another $200 on a community meeting he has planned for later this month. He has printed six campaign t-shirts and plans to have more made by Election Day.

“You’re talking to a person who is going to go for Marion Barry’s seat whenever it becomes available. So if it becomes available next election, then hey,” Pretlow says. “I don’t have no problem with Marion Barry, but (it’s) the same thing with Cuthbert. You’ve been there, you’ve done that. You’re a legend. Move on. I don’t want to say Cuthbert is a legend. But Marion Barry is a legend. You’ve been there, done that. Let someone else.”

Source & Full Story: TBD

Commissioner William R. Ellis - Town Hall Meeting - Sat. Oct. 9th

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eat Shop Live Anacostia: A passport to Anacostia

Eat Shop Live Anacostia (ESLA) is a neighborhood network and empowerment campaign designed specifically for the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC. ESLA’s goal is to present Anacostia as the wonderful community it is with all the great dining, retail, and attractions it has to offer.

Visit today for a list of Anacostia businesses, organizations, and attractions as well as ESLA incentives and events!

To get your ESLA incentive card or to get on the mailing list send an email to

Educate Ward 8: Time to Talk about the Future of Ward 8 and the City with Vince Gray

With so many important issues facing our city, it’s critical that we come together to share our ideas. Throughout October, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Vince Gray is hosting meetings in each ward of the District of Columbia to engage citizens in a discussion about the issues that matter most to them. Please bring your ideas, your questions, and your enthusiasm for improving your community and our city.

So, Educate Ward 8 is asking you to make sure that you make it out to Ward 8's Town Hall meeting with Presumptive Mayor-Elect Vince Gray on Thursday, October 21, 2010 from 7-9pm at Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, 2616 Martin Luther King Avenue, SE.

Issues such as crime, poverty and EDUCATION are issues that are crucial for residents of Ward 8 and we need our community to come out in full force to let Vince hear our voices.

Guests joining Vince include: Ward 8 City Council member Marion Barry, At Large Council members Phil Mendelson, Michael Brown and Kwame Brown and your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners!

You can submit your questions and ideas online at

or to @grayformayor on Twitter
(make sure to use the #ward8 hashtag)

Friday, October 1, 2010


We are passing on this invitation to:

Reshaping the Ward 8. Building One City.

Larry T. Pretlow II invites ALL ANC Commissioners and ANC Candidates (all around D.C.), Elected Officials and most importantly YOU to discuss the issues we face in the Ward 8 Community and take action!

What can Ward 8 do to be better? Come share your progress, plans and success in the effort to help inspire Ward 8!
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
7PM thru 8:30PM
UPO Petey Greene Center
2907 Martin L King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC
(202) 562-3801 (UPO) / 202.230.4187 /